How to install Android apps to your android phone?

Now day’s android mobile phones are becoming popular to the market especially in our community. Android gives you everything you need to build best in class application experiences. Android also gives you tools for creating applications that look great and advantage of the hard ware capabilities on each device.
I decided to create an article about how to install android application in your android mobile phone. This tutorial helps you a lot and it requires Internet Connection because it will goes to the site which you can install free applications in easy way.

  1. Connect your android phone to your computer.
  2. Open your favorite browser then go to You will see many applications available there and then click install.

3.  Window (See image below) will pop up then click install. Note that if you have multiple android phone connected to your computer, you can choose which phone you are about to install the apps from Send to options from the left of the pop up windows before to click install.

4. Then the apps will now install to your android phone.

Mobile Application

Mobile Applications

Mobile application technology is rapidly developing in the market. Mobile application is software that runs in mobile devices and performs task for the user for specific function.  Lots of people either ordinary or rich people use mobile application as one of their needs for their daily living. Popularity of mobile applications boomed in the industry because of many function that it can perform including electronic messaging, voice call and other services like music player, video and games. Mobile applications consider a tool that make human’s work easier and simpler. In today’s technology trend, Mobile application is very important. It can use in some business for their specific business such as plane booking, bus reservation and other transaction or some other company use mobile application as a business itself because it can sell to people who wants to buy mobile applications. Mobile application is different from web application. Web application differs from mobile application because web application is always connected to the internet, while in mobile application, some applications require and some are not.

Developing mobile application– In developing mobile application, user can use many different platforms. A platform is an integrated development environment which let developers to write, test and deploy applications to the users in different mobile they targeted such as android, iPhone or other platform. Google’s android platform application is very popular now.  It is java base application which is not a big issue for some developers who are using java programming. Android application is very popular because it is open source which means that it is available to the public for use or modification. Developers can modify the code very easily with using android platform. Android now has a large community of developers who write codes to create android applications. One of the main issues in developing android applications is OS fragmentation. Every phone have different version of their operating system or OS. Some are 1.5, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2. So it will be hairsplitting to do OS fragmentation. iOS or iPhone OS is also one of the most exiting mobile platforms to develop. It was develop for iPhone apps. The iOS SDK (Software Development Kit) of iOS is free but when testing the application it will need to pay for premium to be able to try the application on actual mobile. There are some tutorials that show and teach how to develop mobile applications. For developing iOS, apple provided University developer program which give opportunity for those who wants to learn developing iOS platform mobile application.  The simplest platform to develop mobile application is using HTML5. HTML5 can run on both iOS and android devices. All you need tools to develop mobile application in HTML5 platform is a text editor and a web browser like safari, Firefox etc.


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